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  • Are You A Descendant of Genghis Khan?

    In 2003 Chinese scientists stated that the process of sequencing the genome of a direct descendant of Genghis Khan was officially completed. This historical genetics paper says that a large percentage of men in the world are direct line descendants of Genghis Khan. “This is the first case in the world of sequencing the genome of individual Mongols,” said […]

  • This Is Fukushima, 5 Years After The Nuclear Disaster

    The nuclear disaster in 2011 was on a scale unlike what we have seen before. It forced more than 150,000 people to evacuate from their homes. Fast forward five years, radiation levels remain perilously high, rendering it inhabitable. People are not able to return home for fear of radiation their lives. Near the coastal areas […]

  • This Is Literally A Living, Breathing Church

    A man in New Zealand made his childhood dreams a reality. Brian Cox grew up with churches and trees and even wanted to be Pope when he was 10. While that didn’t work out, his love for churches and their architecture remained. After travelling the world studying churches, he came back home and started a […]

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  • Act of Kindness: McDonald’s Worker Feeds a Disabled Man

    Source This touching moment was captured by Facebook user Li Ting. Along with the picture, she captioned: ‘People like this in society are running out. The other day I went to McDonald’s with a friend to have a midnight snack, we saw this scene and were very touched.’ ‘Not because of his actions and the exclusion […]

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    These Were What Prisoners On Death Row Ate For Their Last Meals

    Photographer Henry Hargreaves decided to recreate “last meal” requests of several prison death row inmates. In an interview, Henry says: “As I read the requests, I began to imagine these prisoners as people and not just numbers. The story became much more real in my mind.” The following images provide a chilling insight into the minds […]

  • Science Shows That Your Pet Cats Don’t Really Love You

    Daniel Mills and his team at the University of Lincoln carried out a study suggesting that pet cats don’t love their owners. Hate to break it to you cat owners, but your cat isn’t playing hard to get. It just doesn’t care about you. Source The basis of the study was derived from a prior […]

  • This Is What Your Poop Is Trying To Tell You

    It’s no secret everyone poops. Even celebrities and famous people are not spared this life fact. Even if you are not open to talking about your business, it’s still important to know what your stool mean about your health and diet. The following infographic sums up everything you need to know how to read your […]

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